Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Where Is my dream place to go on holiday?

Have you ever been to Berlin in Germany? I know I haven't but I would love to go and meet people that are famous that lives there. If I were to go there I would try there food because rumour has it they make the best food in the world.  I would want to visit Brandenburg Gate and Museum Island. My favourite fact about Berlin that I can tell anyone but heart is Berlin was Found in 1237 and it is 1237 years old. they have been going for a really long time and haven't stopped wanting to go since I was 3. When I first found out about it by my Nana before she died she told me the first place I want you to travel to is Berlin in Germany. and she showed me a picture and I decided I wanted to go.

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Thank you for reading my blog post make sure to leave a comment and tell me where you would want to go.



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  1. Hi Nici its me Libby here I really like how you described about how U want to go to Brelin. Tbh it looks like a beautiful place to go now I really want to go there now. I really glad that you posted that because now I can lern some new thing about Brelin.


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